Giorgia ( London )


I recommend to everyone coach Pit, very competent, in his workouts you swear and laugh a lot, because he is so, severe but super nice!  I met him and started doing business with him during the lockdown and I still follow him today.


Sabri ( Leeds )


If you are looking for a PT, Pietro is the right person. Pietro tailors the class according to your level, selecting the exercises that are most effective for you, but at the same time he leads you to reach your potential and new goals. He supports you all the time. I can’t believe how my body is changed in only a few months and I’m really fully satisfied. Now I can say I have a healthy lifestyle and I thank Pietro so much. He is very professional and also a very nice and kind person. Seeing is believing, 100% recommended


Marti ( London )


I had many sessions of training with coachPit and it was great! I had fun and at the same time my muscles worked really hard. Every day the workout was different in order to have total body training! Super happy with the results

Ana ( London )


I’ve been training with coach pit before lockdown and ever since I haven’t stopped he’s amazing as the tailors to your body type and guides you through every step of the process to reach the goal! Coach pit doesn’t let you lose motivation and always pushes you to greatness. I can see amazing changes in my body ever since I started working with him and would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to change their body for the better.