Amazing Resistance Band, Light, Medium & Heavy Band

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Why Invest in CoachPit Bands?
Durability: They will NEVER break, so you’ll NEVER pay for replacements.

Comfort: Fabric is softer against the skin, no digging in, pinching or pulling hairs.

No Rolling Guarantee: Our bands have a thick width and inner grip strips. No more frustrating sessions where you’re tugging, holding or pulling your bands. They stay in place during ALL exercises.

Every Band Fits: So many other brands have an uncomfortable “heavy” band that is too small and an “easy” band that is too loose. CoachPit bands are all the same size. We vary the resistance of the fabric to change the band strength levels. This means a perfect fit every time and a better workout!

Extra Stretch: Each band contains hundreds of elastic strands woven with strong fabric. This gives our bands more stretch than other brands which means a wider range of motion in your workouts.


Size: 3.14 inches (8cm) wide and 27.4 inches (70cm) in diameter. Fits whether you are size 0 or 30.

Strength: Light, Medium & Heavy Band Included.

Fabric: 40% cotton 10% polyester and 50% rubber

Hand Washable: A gentle hand wash will help keep them clean and hygienic.


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    Very comfortable item, I really like it

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